Tuesday, September 04, 2012

South Dakota

8AM - South Dakota
A few readers have posted in ShoutBox or sent email suggesting places that we visit in South Dakota while we are here. However, did you know that MsTioga and the Team visited South Dakota before?

On July 2nd, 2004, we crossed the Wyoming/South Dakota border for the first time [link]. Our plan back in 2004, was to head for the eastern coast. We were ambitious! We wanted to explore the United States from Maine to Florida.

The furthest that we went east was somewhere in the bad lands of South Dakota. Then we turned back west, never to go this far east again!

If you go back in time with us in our blog to that 2004 trip inside the State of South Dakota, perhaps you will be able to learn why did not carry out our plan to explore the east coast USA? Also, why did MsTioga turn back west forever?

10AM - Driver's license
When I asked in the Americas Mailbox office how I could get a taxi to take me to the nearby South Dakota driver's license office, I was told, "You don't need a taxi. We will loan you a free car!" Isn't that amazing?

When I drove the loaner car to the motor vehicle office, a man inside the office asked me if I needed help. He checked over the stuff that I needed to get my new driver's license. I had everything required.

After filling out the license application, which was very short, I went to turn in my completed application. There was no line! Nobody ahead of me! In about 5 to 10 minutes, they took my photo, I paid the $20 fee,
and I was given my new South Dakota driver's license!

My new driver's license is good until my 80th birthday in 2017.

11AM - Campbell Street Cafe
After getting my South Dakota driver's license, I was ready for some breakfast. I just drove around looking for a restaurant and stumbled upon the Campbell Street Cafe. What a find!

Campbell Street Cafe is one of those old fashioned breakfast places. Open at 7am and closes at 1pm. They make their own biscuits here. And I ordered bacon and eggs with one of those biscuits.

Wow! You cannot buy a breakfast as good as this one anywhere in Mexico. Even Casa Valadez in Guanajuato's breakfast is nothing compared to the Campbell Street Cafe!
My breakfast at Campbell Street Cafe

Clear sky