Monday, September 17, 2012


9AM - Tianguis
Reader RocMoc emailed about Pueblo Villa Corona's tiaguis which is held every Tuesday. A tianguis is an open-air market place.

MsTioga is heading over to Villa Corona this morning so that we may shop their tianguis.

12 Noon - It's not Tuesday!
Well, we lost track of what day it is. However, we are here inside Pueblo Villa Corona. So, we might as well look around.

It is pretty much not possible for MsTioga to find a place to park close to the center of Villa Corona. We drove around on a couple of streets, and then headed to the outskirts and are parked here. We will do an exploring walk from this parking place.

On the way here we saw an advertising sign for a Chinese food place!

1PM - Lunch
The Chinese restaurant that I mentioned before was closed. So, we walked to the center of town. The central plaza of Villa Corona is several blocks away from where MsTioga is parked. We walked to this plaza, and could not find a restaurant that was open. We did pass several hair salons though, and that many in one town is kind of unusual.

We walked in a big circle, and when we reached the street where MsTioga was waiting, we found a nice restaurant which had just opened for lunch. This restaurant has no menu. The waitress tells you what they prepared today, and you order! I ordered stewed beef.

Lunch cost 50 pesos [ $3.85].
The restaurant


Flan dessert

Partly cloudy


Location: Chimulco Campground
Elevation: 1,346 meters