Friday, September 21, 2012


9AM - Violence nearby
This morning MsTioga and the TiogaRV Team will be heading out from out Chimulco Aquatic Park Camp. For us, Chimulco has been a very peaceful place.

Yesterday we read on internet news that 15 bodies were found on September 17th, only one hour's drive distant from Chimulco. Those bodies were at the south side of Lake Chapala, directly across from the popular ex-pat community of Ajijic.

Also, the police chief of the town of Villa Corona and five of his officers were recently arrested for being involved with drug cartels. Chimulco is located in Villa Corona.

So, what are we to do with this crime and violence news? Our experience during our week at Chimulco has been peaceful. Very pleasant. We felt safe camping here and safe going into Villa Corona to eat at restaurants.

Conclusion: After reading the above news stories, we still feel safe knowing that there is violence nearby.

12:30PM - Lunch Camped in Tecolotlán
MsTioga is on a side street in the Town of Tecolotlán. On the menu: Hard chicken tacos with cheese and a side of frijoles.

For a small town, there seems to be a lot going on in Tecolotlán. People walking by. Trucks and buses passing by.

6PM - City of Autlán de Navarro
We have made a Nite Camp on the street next to the Autlán Hotel. We would have preferred to be inside the hotel in their parking area. But there is not enough space for MsTioga.

Our Nite Camp location is on a street that has mostly foot traffic. It is a dead-end street and hardly any vehicles have driven by since we arrived.
Autlán Nite Camp

Poppy flowers!
As we drove along Mexico #80 today, zillions of poppy flowers were growing alongside the highway. We even saw an entire hill covered with poppy flowers!

Partly cloudy


Location: Autlán de Navarro
Elevation: 944 meters