Thursday, September 13, 2012

Winter home

8AM - Winter home
We are getting very close to Aticama, our winter home in Mexico! Our plan is to go to the El Chaco Campground. We will be connected to electric power, which makes possible the use of our air conditioner, if needed.

If we want to go off on a journey to some foreign land, MsTioga will be safe remaining at El Chaco. We do not have any foreign trip plan yet, but our history has been that something usually pops-up.

9AM - Chimulco Trailer Park
However, we are not going directly to Aticama! Reader RocMoc sent an email suggesting we give a try to Chimulco Trailer Park [link].

Chimulco is located south of the City of Guadalajara and there is a water park there!

11:30AM - Chili's restaurant
You just have to be experienced driving in Mexico in order to make your way thru highways of the City of Guadalajara. Especially true when driving a motorhome! Because without that driving experience, going thru Guadalajara might make you a nervous wreck!

MsTioga wanted to take the periphery highway to the south, and we almost made it! But I made a mistake and wound up in a Chili's restaurant. Interesting! I have been wanting to eat BBQ ribs for awhile! Even went to a restaurant in León during MsTioga's repairs. But those ribs turned out NOT to be BBQ'd. And I refused to eat them.

So, when I saw a Chili's restaurant sign, MsTioga immediately turned off. You may see our location at Chili's by clicking on our location map below. Also on the map is the south periphery highway that we missed.

5PM - Chimulco Campground
Señorita Tioga is now set-up at Chimulco. This is a very nice place. We are using Chimulco's WiFi to make this blog post to you.We are plugged into the electric power. The air-conditioning is on!

The cost per nite is 260 pesos. We may very likely stay here for a week if things remain nice as they are now. The price per week is about 1,520 pesos.
Tioga at Chimulco

Lite clouds


Location: Chimulco Campground
Elevation: 1,346 meters