Friday, October 19, 2012


7AM - The accident
Yesterday when the accident happened, my blog report to you stated that I lost my balance. That is not correct. What happened was, I stood up from the chair too close to the table and did not have enough momentum to stand up erect.  So, I sat back down in the chair. The chair rolled backwards, and the back of my head hit the concrete floor.

The sound of my head hitting the concrete was really odd. Sort of like a bat hitting an empty barrel. I was a bit stunned and wanted to remain on the floor for a bit. So when the cook from the restaurant rushed over to help me up, I told her that I wanted to stay on my back for a few seconds before getting up.

When I went to stand up, I used my hand to push off the floor. That was when the blood poured off my head onto my hand. Not a small drip of blood. This was a steady amount of blood pouring out from my wound. I had only seen blood like this before in a movie. It occurred to me instinctively, that if my blood continued pouring out like this for even seconds, that this would be a sign that I was in big trouble.

Ellie and Elena came over to help me when I was back up in the chair. They applied pressure to the wound to stop the bleeding. Apparently my blood clots fairly fast, because the blood stopped flowing quickly.

Last night I removed the bandage and looked at the wound using a mirror. It is completely scabbed over. I have no side affects from the accident. Very tiny amount of swelling. No dizziness. My memory is not impaired.
The wound

Clear sky


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters