Saturday, October 06, 2012

Battery filler

7AM - Battery water filler
Do you remember awhile back when we installed a battery water filler? This new device fills all the cells of our solar battery bank at one time. No longer necessary to fill each cell separately. Filling can be done in seconds!

Well, there is a side benefit with this new battery water filler that we would like to share with you. The batteries now do not spray battery fluid anymore! Our old system which used those yellow "Water Miser Battery Caps" allowed the battery fluid to escape. The fluid would be sprayed all over the top of the battery bank.

The new system with the battery water filler keeps the fluid inside the battery. This new system is much cleaner. Much better!

Note: Our battery water system is called "Pro-Fill". Click [here] to go to the manufacturer's site.
We are very happy with our new battery filler

9AM - My love for movies!
As you may know, I love movies. And am completely intrigued with actors who portray movies.

This morning I had the delight to find a movie starring Christopher Plummer. In this movie, Plummer is a voice in an animated movie titled, "My Dog Tulip". If you would like to view this movie, please click [here].

Important note: Please remove the two advertisements that appear before watching the movie.

12 Noon - Turn signals don't work
MsTioga pulled out of Pretty Sunset RV Park this morning and headed north for El Chaco RV Park. When we arrived in the Town of Las Varas, we had to turn left. That was when we noticed that Tioga's turn signals were not working!

We checked the fuse for the turn signals, and found the fuse to be good. What could be wrong? Right next to where Tioga was parked there is an agro-chemical store. We asked the man inside the store if he knew of an automotive electrical mechanic. And guess what? This man, whose name is Ramiro, climbed in his truck, told us to follow him, and showed us where the electrical mechanic was located!

In only a couple of minutes, the mechanic found the problem to be the turn signal flashing switch. Ramiro drove me to an auto parts store where they had the exact switch that we needed! We drove back to the electric mechanic's shop where the mechanic installed the new switch. Problem solved!

Isn't Mexico wonderful?

4PM - El Chaco swimming pool
I just took a dip in El Chaco's swimming pool. It felt sooooooo good! The humidity is high. Being wet makes me feel much more comfortable.

MsTioga is plugged into El Chaco's electricity and her air conditioner is on. We are thinking about camping during the day in the shade of the palm trees. And at nite at the RV park area.

Ellie the manager of El Chaco is giving me the same rental price as I had last year. 3000 pesos [$240US] for five weeks. This comes to $6.85US/day. This is a special price because we are a returning customer.

Click [here] to go to El Chaco's website.



Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters