Wednesday, October 03, 2012

El Chaco

7AM - El Chaco
We are thinking about heading north to Aticama and camping at El Chaco [link]. As you may know, El Chaco has been our winter Home Camp since 2011.

We are here on the Pacific coast a bit early this year. Don't we usually arrive in December? However, our new air-conditioner allows us to change our environment to suit our needs. This is a lot easier than searching for and staying in "T-shirt & short pants weather" as we have done for many years.

9AM - Lo de Marcos
Several readers suggested us seeing Rincon de Guayabitos. And we are thinking about that! However, when we came to the turn-off for Lo de Marcos, we decided to have a look-see.

MsTioga and I have never taken a look at Lo de Marcos. Don't know why? Anyway, we were driving along the road thru town when we spotted a restaurant with the sign, "Desayuno" [breakfast]. And decided to stop to eat.

You may wonder if it is safe to eat in Mexican restaurants? Well for me, it is safe. Of course I check out the restaurant. The restaurant that I am in this morning is named, "3Hermanos" [3 brothers]. The restaurant is very clean. The tables are all neat and in a row. The open kitchen is staffed two very experienced-looking middle age women. The kitchen is clean as well.

So, I decided to eat here. My waiter told me that the restaurant was started years ago by three brothers. One of the brothers is dead, and they remaining two brothers are old. The aunt of my waiter runs the restaurant now. My waiter also washes the dishes!

My omelette arrived nicely prepared, with a side of frijoles. Omelette with a glass of fresh orange juice 70 pesos [$5.60US].

11AM - Pretty Sunset RV Park
We are staying at the Pretty Sunset RV Park in the Village of Lo de Marcos. MsTioga is the only RV staying in this park. However, there is one Canadian fellow who has been renting a room here for seven years.

We are hooked up to power, and the air-conditioner is working fine. Pretty Sunset has free internet. At first we could not connect to the net. But the WiFi is working great now.

Price per nite: 250 pesos [$20US].
Beach and bay at Pretty Sunset RV Park

5PM - RV Parks in Mexico
We on the TiogaRV Team are a bit confused about how readers feel about rental prices here in Mexico. Do you believe that a price of $20/nite is a lot of money for a place like Pretty Sunset?



Location: Pretty Sunset RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters