Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fan clutch

7AM - Fan clutch
As I wrote to you in yesterday's post, this morning MsTioga is returning to the Ford dealer in the City of Tepic. Yesterday after the engine thermostat was replaced, the cooling system was tested. The results of that test found that the engine temperature was still overheated. The mechanic and I could easily see that the fan clutch was not engaging.

 MsTioga will have her fan clutch replaced. In order to replace the fan clutch, the radiator must first be removed. Removal of the radiator is a major portion of the labor. So, other components of the cooling system that are still functioning, may also be replaced. Just behind the fan clutch is the water pump which will be changed out. Radiator hoses are pretty new, but may be replaced also.

8AM - What really is wrong?
MsTioga is now at Ford waiting for the service department to open. While driving here, it occurred to me that I really do not know for sure what is wrong with MsTioga's cooling system. I am just guessing. The problem could be the temperature gauge?

So, I am going to ask Carlos Perez, the service department manager, for help with this question. Carlos has been the service manager here for many years. It has been my experience that Carlos is very good with questions like these.

10AM - Engine running normal now!
The engine is running at a normal temperature now. This is a good example of problems that only happen intermittently! How do I make a decision when the problem has disappeared?

I believe that I am being forced to do nothing until the overheating problem returns. Until then, MsTioga and I will be watching and waiting.

11AM - Forum Mall
We are at the large indoor, "Forum Mall". There are a lot of shops and restaurants here. Nice place to browse. Just before arriving at Forum Mall, MsTioga's propane tank was filled.

Engine temperature still staying on the cool side.



Location: City of Tepic
Elevation: 919 meters