Thursday, October 04, 2012

Paradise syndrome

7AM - Paradise syndrome
It is too easy for me to take for granted what I have accomplished during the past ten years. And then from that point, it is too easy for me lose my grasp on the beauty and wonder of my life. I am one of those people who must consciously remind myself of my good fortune. Because when I do not do that reminding, somehow I don't believe that I deserve all that I have.

This condition is described as Paradise Syndrome. Simon and Garfunkle wrote a song about it which they named, "Richard Cory". The song is based on the Edwin Arlington Robinson poem of the same name.

Why did Richard Cory end his life when he had everything that anyone would want? I believe the answer to that question is that Richard Cory forgot to simply remind himself how fortunate he was. He forgot to enjoy the great gift of his life.

8AM - The patio
There is a house for rent at Pretty Sunset RV Park. The house is located right next to the beach. I am sitting at a table in the patio for this house. There is a nice table cloth covering the table and a nice chair for me to sit.

Nobody is renting this house. So, the patio is free for me to use. The view from the patio is gorgeous. The beach has lovely palm trees growing. And beyond the palms is the vast blue of the Pacfic Ocean. The ocean's horizon this morning is a crisp clean line. There is no haze. Close to the shore the surf pounds in. Sometimes the surf hits the land so hard that the table on the patio shakes.
The patio

10AM - The house
The house may be rented for 1800 pesos per day [$144US]. Jose the nephew of the landowner is finding out how much is the monthly rental.

3PM - Our blessed A/C
It is 95°F outside and 89°F inside MsTioga. But it is not the temperature that brings the comfort inside. It is the humidity reduction!

But is it actually comfortable inside MsTioga? Yes! It is! And we are soooooo thankful for the comfort that our little air-conditioner brings to us!

Clear sky


Location: Pretty Sunset RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters