Wednesday, October 24, 2012


10AM - Payday!
The 4th Wednesday of each month is payday for the TiogaRV Team. It may seem weird. But even after all of these years have gone by, we still get excited about receiving our pay.

As you may know, we receive two paychecks. One for $1,173 from Social Security. And the other from Google which has been averaging $850 per month. Not a huge amount of income. But enough to pay for all of our bills. And that is quite enough. This month our income is $1,100 more than expenses. That big margin is due to the cost of rent at El Chaco being very low. Also, since we are not traveling the cost for gasoline is very low too!

When my Son David died, we received a life insurance payment that has provided a great deal of security. However, we have not used any of that money for expenses. Just makes us feel comfortable.

3PM - San Blas for supper
After watching a couple of movies on Netflix, we are now heading up to San Blas for supper. El Chaco's restaurant is closed for the day. So we cannot eat here.

The restaurant that was chosen for supper is called, "La Parillada". I bought three tacos de carne asada and a bottle of Pepsi which cost 48 pesos [$3.80US].

La Parillada is across from the central plaza of San Blas. It is the building painted orange.
La Parillada Restaurant

5:30PM - Sunset at El Chaco
When MsTioga returned to our camp at El Chaco, the Sun was close to setting. New Mavicita went outside to capture the Sun as it was setting into the clouds above the Pacific Ocean.
Sunset at El Chaco

Partly cloudy


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters