Tuesday, October 16, 2012

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7AM - Popular blogs
Many times since 2003 when I began the Tioga and George Blog, people have asked me for advice getting readership. I do not know how to answer questions like these. Because, I do not know for sure why people read my blog!

One of my long time readers commented in ShoutBox that my blog is getting boring. What am I to do about that? I can only write about things that are happening. Or things that come up in my life. I am almost 75 years old now, and do not run around searching for adventure as I used to do years ago.

I am able to share with you one thing for sure. Having an audience of people following my life is a terrific thing! I get feed back from readers. And that feed back has turned out to be very important to me. Thru their interest in my life, suggestions and encouragement, readers have changed me into a better person.

8AM - Phones
A few days ago I visited Telcel customer service to find out why my cell phone service was not working right. Telcel sold me a new chip for my cell phone that has a number that is local for my present location.

So, what has happened since then? I have been receiving sales calls from the USA! This has got me to wondering why I need a cell phone? A cell phone can be very convenient at times. But most of the time for me, a cell phone is a pain in the butt.

If relatives and friends want to communicate with me, email is the best method. I am going to turn my cell phone off.

11AM - Information at my beck and call
If I were asked what is the greatest invention, it would have to be the internet. Here I am on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Yet, from this somewhat remote place, I am able to tap into the infinite depths of information.

This morning I was browsing around in YouTube and stumbled across an interview with Stephen Hawking where the famous physicist discusses the origin of the Universe.

Then I tuned into interviews of Stephen King where this author talks about how he goes about creating his stories.

What a remarkable thing this is for me. With only a computer, an internet connection, some electricity, etc., I am able to plumb the depths of the world of information.

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