Monday, October 01, 2012

Puerto Vallarta

7AM - Leave Puerto Vallarta plan
Our plan for today is to get unstuck from the mud at Tacho's RV Park. Then go shopping at the WalMart. Then head out from Puerto Vallarta and continue north.

It is really humid here in Puerto Vallarta. And warm too. At only 7am it is 80°F outside!

11AM - Big tanker truck
One of the guys working at Tacho's RV Park drove a big tanker truck to where MsTioga was stuck in the mud. We used our long 8,000lb sling and a chain to connect Tioga's front axle to the truck frame.  MsTioga moved out free of the mud for the first time in two days!

We gave the guy who helped us 100 pesos to say thank you.
The mud hole after extraction

1PM - Carl's Jr
We had just finished shoppig at the WalMart. MsTioga was headed north on the highway. And then, we spotted the sign in the pic below.

I am helpless when Carl's Jr beckons!

4PM - Sayulita Trailer Park
We cannot recall ever taking the turn-off to the Pueblo of Sayulita before. NE way, we decided to take a look-see this afternoon. It is a bit of a challenge to locate the Sayulita Trailer Park. There are no signs along the road that we could see. After asking directions several times, we arrived.

This trailer park is pretty much grass covered. The place appears to be half full with permanently parked RVs. MsTioga has picked Site #40, which costs 250 pesos/nite [$19US].

Our new air conditioner is doing a marvelous job! In only 20 minutes the temperature inside MsTioga is 90°F. The outside temperature, according to our outside thermometer, is 102°F. We do not believe that temp to be correct. The outside thermometer is located in one of Tioga's outside cabinets. Must have gotten hot in there.
MsTioga and George at Sayulita Trailer Park

Partly cloudy


Location: Sayulita RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters