Monday, October 08, 2012

RV park

7AM - RV park
El Chaco's RV park is located at the north end of their property. The RV park has 50 amp electric, water and sewer. As you may see in the pic below, the RV park does not yet have trees growing. So, there is no shade.

This morning we washed down MsTioga. Being near the salty environment of the Ocean is not good for Tioga. We have to be careful that rust does not begin to destroy Tioga's paint and underside.
Tioga in the RV park

8AM - Moved to the shade
We have permission to move to the shady part of El Chaco which is located behind El Chaco's restaurant. There is electric power available in this shady section. Very important because it is very humid here just off the Beach of Matanchen.

Right after washing down MsTioga, we drove over to the shady section. We plugged into El Chaco's electric power with our new extension cords. We checked our electric hookup. Air conditioning and battery charger check out fine.
Tioga in the shade

5PM - Closed on Monday
El Chaco is pretty much closed on Monday. Maintenance guys David and Trino are here. But the restaurant is closed.

This afternoon I went for a dip in the swimming pool. There is a fence around the swimming pool, but the gates are not locked. I do not believe that the pool is heated. Even so, the water is warm enough to just walk in without being shocked.

Being here today is a lot like having my own private resort!

Clear sky-humid


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters