Tuesday, October 02, 2012


7AM - Sayulita

There is something different about the Village of Sayulita. Yesterday when MsTioga and I were trying to find the RV park where we are staying, we made several wrong turns. As a result, we traveled thru the village and saw soooooo many little restaurants and shops.

The RV park appears to be a short walk from the center of the village. So this morning we are going to explore Sayulita to find out if Sayulita is actually different and what that difference is?

10AM - We found out!
Sayulita is a tourist town! In Sayulita they cater to the needs of tourists. That's why there are a ton of restaurants and shops in Sayulita. Lots of things to do. Lots of places to eat. Easy to spend money here!

A popular vehicle in Sayulita is the golf cart. As we ate breakfast in a nice open-air restaurant, a couple of golf carts owners stopped to shop across the street.



Location: Sayulita RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters