Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shopping trip

7AM - Shopping trip
We are heading out from El Chaco and bound for the City of Tepic. This is a shopping trip. We have several things to buy in Tepic. We also want to visit the Tecel customer center to get some info about why phone calls from the USA are not being received by our cell phone.

A couple of years ago a story appeared in the news that 15 of the World's most dangerous cities are located in Mexico and Tepic was number 13 on this list. As you may know, I greatly doubt the accuracy of such statistics. There may be a vested interest in promoting such xenophobic stories about Mexico the reasons for which I do not wish to discuss here.

MsTioga and I have been going shopping in Tepic for several years and have never seen any sign of criminal activity there.

11AM - Telcel
When I went to the Telcel customer service center, my customer service person was a very nice young lady who spoke great Engish! She suggested that I buy a new chip for my cell phone. A chip with a Nayarít local number. The chip cost 149 pesos [$11.90US].

The way my Mexican phone service is setup, I use TollFreeForwarding to receive calls from the United States. I use Rebtel to call the USA from Mexico. Telcel charges long distance for calls received in Queretaro and forwarded to me in Nayarit. Also, calls that I make to the USA thru the Rebtel forwarding service that use my Queretaro chip cost a fortune!

I have some work to do in order to setup my phone according to my new chip. But at least now I know what the problem was and how to correct it.

If you do not understand what I wrote here about my Telcel service changes, please do not feel bad. I myself am barely able to understand Telcel !!

5PM - Committed police force!
We are back at El Chaco. On the way down the mountain, New Mavicita took a pic of a billboard sign that looked very interesting.

Persons living in Tepic tell me that this billboard advertises the success the new government in Nayarit has had fighting crime!
For the first time in history, a committed police force in Nayarit

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Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters