Tuesday, October 09, 2012


8AM - Stories
You know that I love movies. I actually love stories. But I cannot read books very well. Because I have some kind of attention deficit disorder. When I read a book, very often I get stuck on a page. It just does not sink in. And after I read a chapter in a book, very often I do not know what I have read.

Maybe that's the reason that I am in love with movies. Because a movie is just a story told in the form of a film. It's a video. The kind of movie that I love is told by a person who knows completely how to tell a story. Often a story must bring together the lives of several persons. Not an easy thing to do.

This morning I was watching, for the zillionth time, the movie "Seabiscuit". In order to bring this movie into focus, the screen writer began with the story of Ford Motor's Model "T" car around 1910. Continued into boom times of the 1920s. And then the crash of the 1930s. All the while weaving together the story of the true characters of the Seabiscuit story. Telling the history of Seabiscuit's owner, trainer and jockey is done with amazing clarity and comes out as a fantastic story. Of course the story of Seabiscuit the horse is included in this story.

If I could have one wish in my life, it would be to tell a story like Seabiscuit.

12 Noon - Trip to San Blas
MsTioga told me this morning, "Hey Jorge! How about going on a little trip today. I need some exercise!"

It happens that we need some cash from the Banamex ATM in San Blas. So, we took off for San Blas. A 15km trip.

When we returned to El Chaco, MsTioga stopped so that New Mavicita could take a pic of the plants growing around the concrete pad in the RV park. You may recall that Angel and Del built this palapa a couple of years ago, then returned British Columbia to open a pub.

In the meantime, John and Carol began living at the palapa. John is in the landscape business and planted growing things all around the concrete pad. About a year ago, a sudden windstorm came along that blew away the palapa's roof.

New Mavicita captured the pic below so that John could see how his plants made out during the past year. John, Carol and Tipper the dog will be returning to El Chaco around the end of November.
John's plants



Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters