Sunday, November 25, 2012


6AM - Aging
This morning I was returning from the bathroom to my bed in the dark. It wasn't dark when I got up from bed because my eyes were adjusted to the darkness. But on the return to bed, I mistook where I was, stumbled into little phone/lamp table and fell down. I was not hurt. Just a slightly bruised rib.

Aging for me is a constant learning process. Everything changes so slowly. It's hard to get a handle on it. This morning's stumble was an example that shows what I mean. I can't do the things that I used to take for granted anymore. Like walking in the dark.

I wonder now if a time is coming in the future when I will not be able to walk at all? Wondering about that possibility makes me treasure today a great deal. Because today, I am still able to walk.

7AM - San Diego
In a little while we will head out of the City of Camarillo continuing south. We are bound for San Diego. It's Sunday morning, so the part of my trip thru Los Angeles should not be impacted by heavy traffic.

We have a hotel reservation at the Four Points Sheraton.

1PM - Four Points Hotel
We've just checked into our hotel. It is interesting to find that some hotel chains are consistently high in quality, while other hotels do not measure up. The Four Points Hotel in San Diego is one of those really good hotels that measures up! I recommend Four Points.

We are off now for the purpose of this part of our trip. To visit with friends John & Mimi. New Mavicita is going along, so we might capture some pics!