Thursday, November 08, 2012

Air conditioner

6AM - Air conditioner
Yesterday I blogged to you that MsTioga's air conditioner suddenly shut down. Not the fan. Just the refrigeration section turned off. Readers began to post to ShoutBox and send email suggesting what to do. Reader Chockwald wrote that the temperature setting might be set too low. That got me to messing with the temperature setting.

Before, I always kept the temperature at maximum cool. When I raised the temperature setting, the air conditioner began to cycle on and off.  By changing the temperature setting during the day, I found out that A/C actually reached the maximum cool temperature during the late afternoon.

That was when it dawned on me that when I thought that the A/C's refrigeration had gone bad yesterday, it actually had reached its maximum cool temperature and simply cycled off! I feel silly admitting this to you. But that's what happened!

7AM - A post from the past!
The blog post below was made on Sunday, April 23, 2006 on the day we first began to search for adventure in the State of Utah. [link]

MsTioga - How long will she live?
When George met MsTioga in February, 2003, she had 53,746 miles. Today MsTioga has 91,018 miles. That equals 37,242 in 3-1/4 years, or approximately 1,000 miles per month. At that rate, when George turns 75 years old in the year 2012, MsTioga will have about 175,000 miles. Will both of these two aging vagabonders last this long? Hmmmmm?

This is what MsTioga's Owner's Manual says about fulltiming:
The Tioga Arrow is designed for recreational use and short term occupancy only.
It is not designed or intended to be used as permanent housing.

The Tioga and George Adventure Team truly believes that with proper care, MsTioga may easily survive to her 21st year in 2012, and beyond. We feel that our success has certainly disproven the Owner's Manual warning against fulltiming. Don't you agree?

MsTioga04-23-2006 Copy
Do you think that MsTioga looks
pretty good at 15 years of age?

8AM - MsTioga today!
New Mavicita captured a pic of MsTioga today so that you may compare her to the 2006 pic above. Instead of reaching 175,000 mileage in 2012 as we had estimated, MsTioga this morning has 145,150 miles on her odometer. The future is hard to figure!
MsTioga today at 21 years



Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters