Monday, November 12, 2012

California trip

6AM - California trip
Do you recall that we have an upcoming California trip? Our original plan was to leave MsTioga parked at El Chaco and take the bus to Puerto Vallarta's airport. However, a couple of days ago we waited out on the highway in order to check when the bus passes El Chaco.The bus did not arrive! We were told that sometimes this happens. The advice was, "Just wait for the next bus which comes at 10am."

We had a Team Meeting to discuss what to do. It was decided to drive MsTioga to Puerto Vallarta and park MsTioga at the RV resort located near the older WalMart. Then take a taxi to the airport. Our flight is scheduled for take-off at 5pm on Wednesday. So, it would be easy to drive to Puerto Vallarta on Wednesday morning and arrive at the airport in time for that flight.

Over this past weekend, we began to get our "get up and go" feeling. So the plan now is to head out today, Monday morning! Then leisurely drive south camping along the way. We on the TiogaRV Team are as free as birds! We may do whatever we want!

4PM - Tacho's RV Park
MsTioga is now camping at Tacho's RV Park in Puerto Vallarta. I guess we decided against camping along the way!

The cost to camp here is the same as before, 320 pesos/nite [$24.60US]. The cost for parking is 150 pesos [$11.50US].
Jorge and Tioga at Tacho's

Clear sky


Location: Tacho's RV Park
Elevation: 13 meters