Thursday, November 29, 2012


8AM - The Canadians
Tacho's RV Park where MsTioga is camping is located a short walk from the marina where the cruise ships dock in the center of Puerto Vallarta. In mid-November, Tacho's fills up with French-Canadians. These RVers have been coming here for many years to escape Quebec's winters and especially to enjoy the tropical climate in Puerto Vallarta. Many of these people live in the same city in Quebec and are friends back home!

It is really neat how these people have fixed up the site where they park their RVs! Tacho's permits reserving sites. So, most of these French-Canadians have planted gardens around their RV home and return to the same site every winter!
Our next-door neighbors at Tacho's

4PM - Back at El Chaco
It took nearly the entire day to get from Puerto Vallarta to El Chaco RV Park! First we went shopping at the WalMart. Then tried to find vacationing friends from California who are staying in Nuevo Vallarta. Then there was napping, more shopping, eating!

When we arrived at El Chaco, we found John and Carol all set up in the RV campground. It took a couple hours talking to catch up on all the stuff that went on since the last time we were together. We all agree that a person is sooooooo lucky to be spending winter here in Mexico!

Partly cloudy


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters