Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Car rental

9AM - Car rental
Tomorrow evening on arriving at the LAX airport, I'll be renting a car from Advantage Rent A Car. Cheap Tickets got me the car reservation. I'm not sure about Advantage. Read some bad reviews. Guess I'll find out how good or bad they are tomorrow.

10AM - Spotty internet connection
Our Telcel WiFi stick has not been able to get on to the internet easily this morning. Connection keeps dropping out. Sometimes does not connect at all.

7PM - Sirloin Stockade
This afternoon I went to Sirloin Stockade, a restaurant inside the very modern mall near the older WalMart. I had forgotten that most often steaks in Mexico are tough meat. Hard to cut, even with a sharp knife. And hard to chew. But this steak tasted good. Just took work to actually eat it.

The mall is very much like one you may find in the USA. Shiny tile floors. Fancy shops. Elevators. Three floors, all inside. A very nice movie theater.

Packed up to go
My travel bag is all packed up, ready to go tomorrow. I'm living out of my bag to make sure that nothing needed is left behind.

A neighbor in the RV park is going to drive me to the airport. He is a French-Canadian. He speaks a little English. He told me that he has been coming to this park for the winter with his wife for several years. We will leave for the airport tomorrow around 1pm. A little early, but better hours early than 1-minute late.

Partly cloudy


Location: Tacho's RV Park
Elevation: 13 meters