Tuesday, November 27, 2012


7AM - Destiny
In bits and pieces here on my blog, I've shared all of my life with you. But I never shared before what I am writing to you today. When I was young, I had a dream of my destiny. In that destiny I got married, had children. My children got married and they had children. My grandchildren. My destiny led to a big extended family. We all got together for parties. It was wonderful.

But there are dreams that cannot be. Because when I was younger, I could not be the husband and father that I would have wished to be. Good bye marriage. My children never married. No grandchildren. I tried again with marriage. Two times. It did not work.

You probably already know this, but a person cannot be a good husband, a good father, unless they really know and understand themselves. And I did not begin that knowing, that understanding, until after I met MsTioga in 2003 and became an RVing vagabond.

I feel that I have grown into the person that I was meant to be. But it is way too late now to have that family that was in the dream of my destiny. If after we die, we must repeat our lives until we get it right, I may get another chance.

Pretty deep, huh?

PS: Today is my 75th birthday.

11AM - Cousin Jacky
After leaving San Diego, I have a date for breakfast with my Cousin Jacky. As you may recall, I have been very close with Jacky all of my life. We are pretty close to the same age. When I was born, Jacky and her family lived just across the street. Remember when Jacky and I visited Israel together in 2008?

Jacky lives in a senior citizen community called Laguna Woods.
Cousin Jacky and me.

3PM - Hotel near LAX
I'm now checked into La Quinta Inn close to LAX [Los Angeles International Airport]. La Quinta is also only a few blocks away from my car rental place. So, I am well prepared to be at the airport early tomorrow for my return flight to Mexico.