Thursday, November 15, 2012


Flying -Then vs now
In 1961 I flew from Washington, DC to Houston, TX using MATS [Military Air Transport Service]. The airplane was a Douglas DC-3. It took 12 hours to go the 1,200 miles on that MATS flight.

Yesterday it took 3 hours to fly 1,200 miles from Puerto Vallarta to Los Angeles, CA. Wow!

I really enjoy flying in 2012. The entire experience is mind boggling. The Boeing 737 that I flew on yesterday is soooooo modern. The interior so comfortable. And it is so quiet, compared to a Douglas DC-3. Of course we now have to deal with having our luggage and clothing checked because of terrorist threats. But that is today's world. And that checking is no problem for me.

4AM - Fog
I was planning on heading out from the hotel early in order to eat breakfast this morning with Aunt Shirley an Uncle Seymour. They always eat breakfast at 8am.

However, looking out from my 8th floor hotel window, I see that it is very foggy outside. The weather report indicates fog all over this area. Don't like driving in the fog!

7AM - Carpinteria
The view from the hotel window showed that the fog lifted! So, we headed out around 5am. It's much better in the Los Angeles area to drive early in the morning before the traffic gets heavy. We traveled at 65mph all the way.

Now in the City of Carpinteria. Not very far to Shirley and Seymour's home. Staying here for awhile. Then head out again to arrive at S&S's home just before 8am.

Partly cloudy


No location map today.