Tuesday, November 06, 2012


7:30AM - My home
I love my home! MsTioga! My RV home. I love being inside and listening to the sounds outside. Or looking out the windows at the view. I love the feeling of being able to drive anywhere and still always be home. On a trip, I am still awed because I may take a nap in my own bed anywhere that I go.

You may read what I've written above and not give my words any particular significance. However, these words are very significant to me! Because they describe how I feel since the day that I first could call MsTioga my home. And these words remain true today.

When I go to sleep at nite, the first thing that I do is look down the length of MsTioga from my bed. To me it looks sooooo far from my bed to the cabover curtains. This view amazes me. Before I bought MsTioga, I was so very much concerned that there would not be enough room inside. But it turned out that for me, MsTioga is huge inside!

I have owned five homes during my life. Two of these homes had swimming pools. One home was big, over 3,500 square feet. But MsTioga is my favorite home. Because MsTioga has tires!
Two Medicine Camp/Glacier Park - July, 2006

Partly cloudy


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters