Friday, November 16, 2012

Insurance surprise

7AM - Insurance surprise
Yesterday evening an email arrived from MsTioga's insurance broker. I'd sent an email query asking about liability coverage when I drive a rental car. It seems that I have no liability coverage for a rental car. Wow! This is very surprising to me! I had thought that I would be covered for liability by MsTioga's RV insurance while driving any other vehicle. I was wrong!

First thing that I must do now is to investigate to find out what insurance coverage I do have for the rental car. Then obtain liability coverage for the rest of the California trip.

As you likely are aware, driving without liability insurance is very risky. In California, it is against the law!

2PM - Catch 22
Much of the morning was spent trying to resolve this insurance situation. First I phoned my insurance agent who informed me that I could not buy insurance on a rental car. Only the owner of a vehicle may buy insurance for that vehicle. In this case, the owner is Advantage Car Rental. My insurance agent advised, "Phone Advantage Car Rental and ask them to sell you liability insurance.

So, I phoned Advantage and was told that in order to sell me this insurance, I would have to return to the Advantage location in Los Angeles. However, that would mean traveling all the way back to Los Angeles without liability insurance.  A true "Catch 22" situation.

A friend suggested that I locate an Advantage office here where I am in the City of Santa Barbara. But there is no Advantage office in Santa Barbara. There is an Advantage location at the San Jose Airport about 300 miles north of here. I phoned the Advantage office in San Jose, and a representative told me that they could close my original rental contract, and issue a new rental contract that included liability insurance. But that would mean traveling all the way to San Jose without the required liability insurance.

"Why don't you go to the Hertz Car Rental in Santa Barbara", the San Jose guy asked me? "Hertz and Advantage are the same company", he informed. Wow! Good idea!

I talked to Hertz in Santa Barbara and the rep there told me to come on in and he would honor the price of my original rental contract with Advantage! Wow! I really got lucky with this situation.

Now I have a new rental contract from Hertz for the same car as before. I have liability insurance and collision damage insurance, all from Hertz.



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