Sunday, November 18, 2012

Keep on moving

6AM - Keep on moving
I hope that you are having a good time reading my blog. Because I am having such a good time living it! It seems that I am really happy when I am on the road. When I keep on moving. I'm at my best!

On this trip to California, there is no MsTioga. There is a little Chevrolet. Driving this little car is so great. The steering is tight! No constant correcting to keep this Chevy going straight down the highway!

Also, I've got to admit that I like staying in hotel rooms. This Best Western Hotel room that I am in right now is really nice. Wow! Is this weird, or what?

Another thing! It is definitely NOT "T-shirt and short pants weather!" It is rainy, wet and cold. But it does not matter. Because everywhere that I go there is air-conditioning. In the car. In the hotel room. In the restaurant!

Reader Gary asked if I forgot to take my camera on this trip. No! I have New Mavicita with me. I just have not taken any pics yet. But I am going to take a pic of the Belgian waffle that I am preparing for breakfast. Here at the Best Western, guests may choose to make their own Belgian waffle!
Best Western's Belgian waffle!

8AM - Good Morning!
I have been living in Mexico full time for several years. I've adopted the Mexican custom of saying "Good Morning" to everybody that I meet. This morning at breakfast here at the Best Western Hotel, I continued that "Good Morning" Mexican custom.

I said "Good Morning" to everybody who arrived for breakfast. Nobody else was saying, "Good Morning". One guy looked at me and did not even reply!

You know something? In Mexico many people hardly have anything compared to people staying at this Best Western Hotel. But they enough to say "Good Morning!" to everybody they meet. Wow!

4PM - Santa Cruz
We have arrived at the Holiday Inn Express in the City of Santa Cruz. I suspect that you may think that I am slightly weird to be loving these hotel rooms. But I especially love this one! This room is very modern. The bathroom has a really nice sink!

The plan is to remain in Santa Cruz for two days visiting with family