Saturday, November 17, 2012

Last day Santa Barbara

7AM - Last day in Santa Barbara
This is our last day staying with Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley in Santa Barbara. I am very sensitive to days like this one. This is a special day with these two people who I love so much! I now know for sure, because of experience, that there is a last time for everything.

I am upstairs in the guest bedroom right now. Upstairs consists of only a large bedroom and a bathroom. It is quiet here. Only the sound of Uncle Seymour puttering around in the kitchen. And the light rain falling on the roof. I will miss these sounds.

The nostalgia that always comes over me at times like these is beginning.

3PM - Hotel
Just arrived at the Best Western Hotel in Atascadero. Very nice room! The drive from Santa Barbara to Atascadero was rainy, but no problem. I had to pull over twice for a nap. But that's just me.

Going to look now on the internet for places to eat here in town.

10PM - Mexican food
Found "El Compadre" Mexican restaurant in central Atascadero. I've mentioned before, but will state again here. In my opinion, Mexican food in California is much, much better than Mexican food in Mexico.

I ordered shrimp enchiladas which arrived swimming in a delicious cheese sauce. Hardly ever find cheese sauce like this in Mexico!

Light rain