Saturday, November 03, 2012

Late start

12 Noon - Late start
It is a late starting day for the TiogaRV Team. I did not go to bed until 3am. When I woke up, there were chores to do. Dishes to wash. Floor to sweep. Good thing that I like doing chores!

The weather here at Los Pinos is dry and cool. Only 72°F. But this is good weather for MsTioga. Down at El Chaco, it is always humid. Better when dry because MsTioga's exposed parts do not rust so easily.

We have not paid rent to Los Pinos. Mario who is the husband of the manager told me that it is not necessary to pay now. When I am ready to leave will be an OK time to pay. The daily rent here at Los Pinos is 200 pesos [$15.40US].


Location: Los Pinos RV Park-Tepic
Elevation: 961 meters