Monday, November 26, 2012


7AM - Keep a light on
Yesterday I wrote to you about a little accident that I had in my hotel room while walking around at nite in the complete darkness. Reader Rick emailed suggesting that keeping the light on in the bathroom with the bathroom door slightly ajar would illuminate the entire hotel room. I tried using this light-on idea last nite. And it worked great!

The bruise to my ribs from that accident bothers me a little bit. But not enough of a bother to stop me from going on a bike ride today with my friend John P. We will drive to Mission Beach Park in John's car and then bike up the concrete walk that parallels the beach.

When we arrive at the Pacific Beach area, we plan to stop for coffee at the little stand next to the walk-way. Then bike over to the "Five Guys Burger" joint for lunch. Good time!

8AM - Driving when old
Reader Katbyte posted in ShoutBox asking "Do you feel totally safe driving? Not a danger to yourself or others at all?" These are very interesting questions.

I began driving a motorcycle when I was 12 years old. Didn't have a driver's license because I was too young. I drove on small streets in the East Los Angeles neighborhood where I lived staying close to home so that I would not be seen by police.

When I got a driver's license at age 15-1/2, I also got a newspaper route delivering the "Los Angeles Daily News". One day rounding a turn, I heard the kickstand dragging and looked down at the kickstand to see what was happening. My attention was not on where I was driving and I drove the motorcycle into a parked car.

I tell this story to illustrate how age is not the deciding factor in whether a person is a safe driver or not. When I was young I had great reflexes compared to now. But back then, I did not have the discipline to drive safely.
Jorge at Five Guys Burger-Pacific Beach

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