Thursday, November 01, 2012

Los Pinos RV Park

10AM - Los Pinos RV Park
MsTioga and I decided last nite to stay at the Los Pinos RV Park in Tepic. We could continue to camp on the street as we have done in the City of Tepic for many years. However, as you know, it is much more comfortable to camp in a place that has electricity and shade.

We found a website that showed the location of Los Pinos in a Google Map. But when we drove to that location, no Los Pinos RV Park could be found. So, we began to ask people if they knew of Los Pinos. We asked and asked. Nobody knew!

Finally, some people from the Watch Tower Society approached us to give their evangelical booklet. We asked them if they knew of Los Pinos, and they did. MsTioga followed behind their car and they drove to Los Pinos! It turns out that the entrance to Los Pinos is inside a small shopping plaza. It would never occur to MsTioga and I to look for an RV Park here!

We are parked in the shade and connected up to electric power. The internet connection at Los Pinos is very poor, so we are using our Telcel WiFi to send this blog post to you.
Tioga and George at Los Pinos RV Park

4PM - Day of The Dead
"Dia de Los Muertos" [Day of The Dead] is a Mexican federal holiday. It is a time when families get together to remember those who have departed. Many people do not work during this federal holiday.

Back at El Chaco because of the holiday, it will be very busy over the next four days. There will be a lot of partying on the beach. That is the reason we are remaining in the City of Tepic. To be away from the partying crowds.

Partly cloudy


Location: Los Pinos RV Park-Tepic
Elevation: 961 meters