Wednesday, November 28, 2012


6AM - Return to Mexico
As you likely are aware, we on the TiogaRV Team love to travel. This trip to California has been wonderful. I've written to you before that we love driving a rental car [we call them rental beasts]. We love staying in good hotels. We even love going to the airport as we will do today for our return flight to Mexico! Because airports to us are soooooo exciting!

As this post is being written, our friend MsTioga is parked in Tacho's RV Park in the City of Puerto Vallarta. MsTioga is waiting patiently for her team mates to return. But we who are flying today are not patient. We are soooooo excited to see MsTioga once again!

You want to know something special about the TiogaRV Team? We often think about and consider giving up the vagabonding life style. It's true! But then, after thinking it over how it would be for us to live in a fixed home vs remaining free-as-a-bird vagabonds, we always choose vagabonds!

We want to remain free-as-birds for as long as we are able!

8:30AM - Boarding gate
We have reached our Alaska Airlines boarding gate a full two hours before the actual airplane boarding time. We love to be early like this! Being early takes all of the stress out of flying.

For example, when going thru baggage check this morning, two of our pieces of baggage were taken back thru inspection. It took another 20 minutes for this additional checking. But, since we are sooooo early, this was no problem. No stress! We just talked with TSA personnel and other passengers until the bags were returned.

Here at the boarding gate, LAX has provided tables with electric power and free WiFi. Pretty neat, huh?
Jorge at the boarding gate

5PM - Back with MsTioga!
The Alaska Airlines flight returning us to Mexico was perfect. Smooth as glass. Nice company made for good conversation with our seat mates.

We caught a taxi at the Puerto Vallarta airport which took us the short ride back to Tacho's RV park. The taxi guy knew about Tacho's, so I did not have to even give him any directions. When we arrived at Tacho's, we found MsTioga waiting patiently for us to return. As she always does when we are away on a trip.
Jorge and Tioga, together again

Lots of clouds