Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Parking MsTioga

5AM Parking MsTioga
During our two week California trip, MsTioga will be parked at Tacho's RV Park in the same location that we are camping right now. This is a mostly shady place. Only during the morning does MsTioga get very much sunshine.

This is a good thing, because we do not like MsTioga to bake in 100% total sunshine. There should be enough sun striking the forward solar panels to keep the solar battery bank charged. We will not be plugged into shore power during the trip

7:45PM - Los Angeles hotel
The airplane landed at Los Angeles Airport at 6pm. By 7:45pm I walked into my La Quinta Inn hotel room. During the interim, I went thru US immigration, retrieved my travel bag and went thru customs. Then I needed to get my rental car. The Advantage Rent-A-Car bus shuttle arrived with only a few minutes waiting. I was very surprised and happy at this service.

I brought my Garmin GPS with me. The first thing that I did at the rent-a-car place was to save the GPS location so that I will be easily be able to return the car. Then I used the GPS to locate the hotel. Wow! Without that GPS, it would be soooooo difficult.

This travel day went so well!

Partly cloudy