Sunday, November 11, 2012


6AM - Philadelphia
I woke up this morning at 3am thinking about Maria Callas singing "La Mamma Morta". I'd watched the movie Philadelphia a few days ago. And the sound of this opera was there in my mind.

I started up MacBook computer and went online to YouTube and found the scene in the movie where the attorney who will represent an AIDS victim meets with his client. The attorney is played by Denzel Washington. The man stricken with AIDS is Tom Hanks. In the background Maria Callas is singing. Hanks interrupts their conversation because he is overcome with emotion by this music that he loves so much!

At first the attorney is bored by this interruption. He does not connect with the emotion of this moment. And then, by the sheer power of Hanks words and the music, the attorney is overcome. Here are two of the greatest actors showing why they are the best. Denzel Washington with only his eyes and mouth displays the depths of emotion.

All of this going on in just one scene has captured my soul. I want to share it with you. Please click [here] to view! Oh Lord! My tears do flow when I watch this scene!

Pulled out all the stops
The producers of the movie "Philadelphia" pulled out all the stops when making this movie. Fabulous music produced especially for this movie

They used Bruce Springsteen [link].

And they used Neil Young [link].



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