Monday, November 19, 2012


7AM - Scattering place
The hotel offers hot breakfast. However, the Santa Cruz Diner is a couple of blocks away! And the diner is not to be missed. I love to sit at the section of the Diner's counter in front of the kitchen. From there I watch the cooks in action. The cooks only speak Spanish to each other. I like to listen in on the conversations.

After breakfast the plan is to visit David's scattering place [link]. That scattering was only one year ago. Seems like much longer to me.
Santa Cruz Diner - Kitchen view

View of David's scattering place this morning

1PM - Tough old guy
My experiences of the past two years have turned me into a somewhat tough old guy. I am a much more cynical person now. Much more aware that the future really is unknown.

My faith in my own future has been blown away by the reality of experience. That guy who you read about in my blog before October 7th, 2010 is no more. That happy go-lucky guy who knew that everything would work out is gone. Now I know that there are storms that I will not be able to weather. Not without those storms changing me forever.

4PM - Plumbing
MsTioga has a cracked black ABS pipe in her grey water dump plumbing. We just cannot find black ABS pipe in Mexico. Only white PVC pipe is available, and this PVC pipe does not fit exactly. So, I brought with me the black ABS valve fitting for sizing.

Going to an Orchard Supply Hardware I bought a couple of pieces of pipe and a 90° elbow. Perfect! But I now needed a small tube of ABS cement. Nothing small. Only little cans. I cannot bring a can of ABS cement onto an airplane!

Oh well. Maybe I will be able to use PVC cement to connect the ABS pipe?