Wednesday, November 21, 2012


9AM - Shopping day
Today is the day before Thanksgiving. And our hotel is near an area with several huge shopping centers. What a great day to go shopping!

I need a new head for my electric razor. And new earphones too!

On a trip like this one I am eating out at restaurants for every meal. This morning the place is "Jim's Country Style Restaurant" because it got a good rating for French toast!

11AM - GPS
After eating breakfast I returned to Four Points Hotel. The breakfast at Jim's was very good. Except that I ordered Linguica sausage instead of bacon. Didn't like the sausage taste.

Have I mentioned bringing our Garmin GPS along on this California trip? Without the Garmin GPS, traveling around even on short trips would be so much more difficult. With the GPS to help me, a few taps on the screen and I know exactly where to go. And of course, I always know where I am!

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