Friday, November 02, 2012


6AM - Thief!
When we arrived at Los Pinos RV Park and went to plug into AC power, our new #10 gauge heavy duty extension cable was missing! Apparently a thief stole the new cable while we were camped on the street during Wednesday nite! The outside cabinet that contained this cable has no lock.

This morning we checked the other outside cabinets and found that catches on our giant slide-out drawer were open! The thief tried to get into this drawer, but could not open it up because of the lock.

We are using our old #14 gauge extension cord to plug into Los Pinos AC power. This extension cord is working OK because the air-conditioner is not needed right now. We have another section of heavy duty #10 gauge cable that needs connector plugs. There is an Ace Hardware store nearby Los Pinos. Maybe we will be able to buy connector plugs there?

7AM - Taking Nayarit back from the criminals
A couple of days ago we received a newspaper handout that contained an editorial. I've done my best using Google's translator to give you the English version of this editorial:

"A little over a year we Nayaritas lived bewildered. We were concerned that a criminal gang could make us live miserably. Most families had lost their tranquility. We had empty streets and businesses. The economy had become paralyzed and our finances were affected by insecurity that we lived.

We believed that the shootings and the violence had no end. We felt like our society little by little had lost faith. We did not know what to do. But the bells of change were swinging. Roberto Sandoval as a candidate for governor promised he would return the peace to our streets and our homes. And also return the movement of  investments into our economy. And so it was. One of the first actions that Governor Roberto made was to give to the police of Nayarit a proper strategy and training in order to bring the greater security that we so longed for.

This week marked the first anniversary of the creation of the new Nayarit Police force. Today we find that security has returned to our state.  Nayarit has positioned itself in second place nationally as the safest state. No doubt Roberto Sandoval delivers what he promises."

3PM - Cafe Luna
The Cafe Luna is a coffee house located in the same little shopping center where the entrance to Los Pinos RV Park is located. I looked into Cafe Luna yesterday and saw a bunch of people using computers to access the internet.

About an hour ago MacBook Computer and I went to Cafe Luna together. I ordered Cafe Frappe which arrived chilled with a very nice chocolate cream topping! Very nice. My waitress gave me the access code to Cafe Luna's WiFi which is pretty fast.

When I returned to MsTioga, it was time for a hot shower. Los Pinos has a little stand-alone building with a tiled bathroom which includes a shower with hot water! Also very nice! After my shower I was thinking about Cafe Luna's WiFi, which is only about 100 meters away. Using our Hawking dish adapter, I am now logged on to that WiFi while sitting inside MsTioga!

Pretty neat, huh?

Partly cloudy


Location: Los Pinos RV Park-Tepic
Elevation: 961 meters