Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Beach walk

8AM - Beach walk
This morning I went for a walk on Mantanchen Beach. Twenty minutes up the beach then returning to El Chaco and MsTioga. After the walk, I was all hot and sweaty. Why do I do this?

This question of "why walk" is a good one. Apparently, when I indulge myself in the activity of just sitting around talking with other RVers and watching movies, my blood pressure begins to creep up and my leg muscles begin to weaken. I found out about weak leg muscles when traveling to Guatemala last February [link]. The Guatemala trip got me to make a promise to walk daily in order to keep my legs in shape. It seems that I do not keep my promises to myself! Whatta guy!

Matanchen Beach rises very gently, and appears almost flat. The beach is very hard pack sand. MsTioga can drive on this beach with no problem as long as she drives in the tidal area. The beach is also very straight for at least a couple of miles. A Boeing 747 could land here!

Tropical Tuesday
Yesterday we told you about Tropical Tuesday where many Gringos in this area get together to have a weekly lunch. Below is a pic of all of us Gringos at El Chaco.
Gringos at yesterday's Tropical Tuesday

Lotsa scattered clouds


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters