Sunday, December 16, 2012

Bird Egg end

7AM - Bird Egg ending

Bird Egg Creek [Continued]
Right then the Red Car zoomed by. What appeared to be a left turn of the canyon contained the road bed for the Red Car. The road bed was on the other side of the canyon, about 200 feet up the canyon's wall. What did not know then, but would learn later when exploring the Red Car tracks, was that the canyon containing Bird Egg Creek intersected a much wider and broader canyon. This larger canyon was where the Red Car's road bed was constructed.

"We gotta be going back home" warned Art. "We can't go back the way we came. Let's follow the Red Car tracks". We shook our heads in agreement. It was mid-afternoon now, and when we got back to City Terrace, we still had to hike to where we hid our bikes in the weeds.

We walked along the creek toward the tracks. The creek turned west at the end of the canyon. We climbed up the hill until we reached the railroad bed. We all were very quiet on the Red Car tracks. Summer vacation would be ending soon. No more grammar school. All four of us would begin Woodrow Wilson Junior High in September.

When we got back to City Terrace, we got our bikes and then rode back to our homes. The hike to Bird Egg Creek would turn out to be the last time all four of us would do something together.

Bird Egg Creek epilogue
Twenty years later in 1969, I was living in Hacienda Heights with my wife and two children. We came to the intersection of the Long Beach and San Bernardino Freeways. Just after making the transition to the Long Beach Freeway, something looked familiar about this place. I pulled the car over and stopped. "I know this place", I told my wife.

I got out and looked around. Below me there was a concrete culvert. Water was flowing in that culvert. Looking up the steep hillside above, I suddenly knew where I was. This was what remained of Bird Egg Creek! What had been an empty canyon in 1949 was now the corridor for the Long Beach Freeway.

Scattered clouds


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters