Friday, December 14, 2012


9AM - Changes
Earlier this year, MsTioga and I left our summer home in Tequisquiapan. We traveled east to the Gulf of Mexico and explored the gulf coast City of Tampico. Then we traveled west all the way across Mexico to the Pacific coast and finally arrived at our winter home of Aticama and El Chaco Park on the Bay of Matanchen.

All during this trip, we knew that we would be remaining on the Pacific coast for at least four months. What would we do during the extended period when we would not be moving around much? When we would not be searching for adventure as we have in past years?

It was decided to write and publish stories based on my true life adventures as a child living in East Los Angeles. We suspected that such a story writing enterprise would be a big challenge. First of all, I have no experience writing such stories. Also, there was the question whether I even had the talent to pull such a writing enterprise off? And the format of my first story, with intersecting tales [Looking for Dad, The shop, Bird Egg Creek] is extremely difficult to do.

However, I decided to do it anyway. Nothing ventured, nothing gained! The way that I do this writing is to compose my daily story in the morning. Then, after the portion of the story that I want to publish today is written, I go to El Chaco's Restaurant where the WiFi is located. Then I publish my blog with the story of the day.

I am able to see that many readers are not enthralled with my story writing. For the several months ending in October, 2012, we had visitor readership in the low 90,000s per month. In November, 2012, readership plummeted to 80,043 visits. I am not so very much concerned by changes in the readership count. Except that as a writer, I want to entertain my readers. Clearly, many readers are no longer entertained.

However, I plan to go on experimenting with writing and publishing stories. If I do not do it now, when will I ever do it?

10AM - Today's story!

Bird Egg Creek [Continued]
What appeared from above as a slope that went all the way down was an illusion. There actually was a small ledge down there. One by one we all slid down the slope to where Richard waited. Then we walked down canyon on the narrow ledge. 

We came to a place where there looked to be a switch back path continuing down toward Bird Egg Creek. We figured that over the years, animals made this path when they made the
descent. This path was not completely safe. We came to several places where one of us would slip and slide down several feet. But eventually we all arrived at the bottom of the canyon and there was Bird Egg Creek.

Was this it? Was this all of Bird Egg Creek? The creek was only a trickle. There were signs that the trickle had been much larger in the past. When a lot of water flowed in the creek bed, maybe it was four feet across.

"Jeez, we came all the way down here for this?" said Richard. "Yeh! And we don't even know for sure how to get back home!" said Henry. Art who is the quiet one in our group suggested, "Let's keep walking downstream toward the sound we heard of the Red Car".

As the four of us walked along the tiny stream, we hardly spoke. When we were in the cave talking about going to Bird Egg Creek, we had thoughts about a swimming hole. We talked about how we would be famous as the first kids to actually have been to Bird Egg. But this stream was so small. Such a disappointment.

After hiking along the creek maybe half a mile, the stream began getting bigger. Soon the water was about two feet across. "Back up there it must have been flowing below the ground!" said Richard. We came to a place where the creek dropped about three feet, like a little waterfall. Somebody had built a small earth dam below the waterfall. We all looked at the swimming hole made by water behind the little dam! I shouted, "Last one in is a rotten egg!"

We all stripped down to our under pants and jumped into the water. It was about four feet deep just below the fall. After we splashed around in the water for awhile, we all sat there with only our heads sticking out Bird Egg Creek's swimming hole. "This is the best time" said Henry. "Maybe the bestest time of all" Henry added. "Yeh, this swimming hole makes this whole hike worth it" said Richard.

Right then the Red Car zoomed by. What appeared to be a left turn of the canyon contained the road bed for the Red Car. The road bed was on the other side of the canyon, about 200 feet up the canyon's wall. What we did not know then, but would learn later when exploring the Red Car tracks, was that the canyon containing Bird Egg Creek intersected a much wider and broader canyon. This larger canyon was where the Red Car's road bed was constructed.
[To be continued]

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Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters