Monday, December 17, 2012

Dad end

8AM - Looking for dad ending

Looking for dad [continued]
A pop box was on the ground next to the soda pop cooler. The box was almost filled with empty bottles. I knew that each bottle had a two cent deposit. Nobody was looking when I put eight of those pop bottles into my bike's basket and drove away from the gas station. I knew that swiping stuff was wrong. But I did it anyway.

I drove my bike along the same route that I took that morning when driving to the airport. Along Washington Boulevard to Atlantic, then north on Atlantic to Whittier. When I arrived at Stan's DriveIn, I bought a 15 cent hamburger with the money from returning the pop bottles. That burger was so good! And it gave me energy to continue biking back home.

By the time I came to Eastern Avenue, it was late in the afternoon. I walked my bike up almost all of the Eastern Avenue hill and biked the three blocks from the top of the hill to my home on Woolwine Drive.

I had driven all the way to the airport and back, looked for my dad, and did not find him. I did not know it then, but I would live out all my childhood years and never find him.

9AM - Thinking about my dad
My closest times with my dad happened during 1973, 24 years after the 1949 bike ride to the airport. I was the manager of a metal goods manufacturing company, and had taken on a large government contract to produce artillery shell parts for the Vietnam War. We were having problems with production. My dad was an extremely talented manufacturing and tool engineer. I hired my dad to be the manufacturing manager of the company, with the express purpose to resolve these problems. In only a couple of weeks, my dad had everything running smoothly. He was that good.

Every lunch time, my dad and I would drive to a local park and play chess. It was a good time for the both of us. My dad got sick that very same year. It turned out that he had a congenital heart defect which subjected him to great risk from infections contracted during dental work. My dad died in October, 1973, nine days short of his 61st birthday.

Scattered clouds


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters