Thursday, December 13, 2012

Five RVs

8:30AM - Five RVs
This morning I woke up to find five RVs at El Chaco. During the late afternoon, two more RVs arrived. Now there are five RVs in El Chaco's RV section.
Five RVs at El Chaco

9AM - More bike stories

Looking for dad [continued]
I got on my bike and pedaled away from my dad's plane and left the airport. There was a gas station on Washington Boulevard that had a peanut machine. I passed that gas station on the way out this morning. As I biked there were hunger pangs in my stomach. I began worrying about food.

The peanut machine stood on the concrete walkway next to the gas station's service bay. Just inside the bay was a soda pop cooler with several flavors of pop sitting in chilled water. The pop machine also had a cold water drinking fountain, and I took several drinks. The cold water felt so good.

The first penny in the peanut machine got me nothing. No peanuts! Shaking the peanut machine did not get any nuts. I put in my second penny, twisted the knob and a whole bunch of peanuts slid into my hand. Twice the amount for one penny. I sat down on the curb next to the gas station's service bay and ate the peanuts. And when the salty nuts made me so thirsty that I could not stand it anymore, I drank the chilled water from the pop cooler. Jeez, those salty peanuts and chilled water were good!

A pop box was on the ground next to the soda pop cooler. The box was almost filled with empty bottles. I knew that each bottle had a two cent deposit. Nobody was looking when I put eight of those pop bottles into my bike's basket and drove away from the gas station. I knew that swiping stuff was wrong. But I did it anyway.
[To be continued]

10AM - Bird Egg

Bird Egg Creek [Continued]
"God, it's really quiet." I said. It was true. As soon as we went past the crest of the hill, all the noise from the city stopped. We all looked at each other. The silence made us afraid. But nobody said anything about being afraid. We just continued walking down into the canyon. After about half a mile, the gentle slope ended. Now we were looking into the steepest part of the canyon. But the slope of the hill would not let us look all the way to the bottom. It was really steep! Somewhere down there was Bird Egg Creek.

There was a familiar sound that came to us from down the canyon. Henry who lived closest to the Pacific Electric tracks said, "I know that sound! It's the Red Car!" Pacific Electric operated Red Cars which went from downtown Los Angeles to San Bernardino. We all knew about the Red Car. But we were surprised that the Red Car could be heard from where we now stood above Bird Egg Creek.

None of us knew what to do. I said, "We can't walk down this part of the hill. It's way too steep!" But Richard said, "We are not going back now. We have to go down. I think that I can make it."

With that, Richard walked to the steep slope, sat down and inched himself over to the edge. Even though the slope below was very steep, the ground down there was covered with dry brown weeds. Richard slid down the slope lying on his back. Down he went, sliding faster and faster over the weeds. And then Richard's slide slowed and he stopped. Richard stood up maybe three or four hundred feet below and called out to us,

"There's a ledge here. The slope does not go down all the way!" What appeared from above as a slope that went all the way down was an illusion. There actually was a small ledge down there. One by one we all slid down the slope to where Richard waited. Then we walked down canyon on the narrow ledge.

We came to a place where there looked to be a switch back path continuing down toward Bird Egg Creek. We figured that over the years, animals made this path when they made the descent. This path was not completely safe. We came to several places where one of us would slip and slide down several feet. But eventually we all arrived at the bottom of the canyon.
[To be continued]

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Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters