Saturday, December 22, 2012

Late walk

7:30AM - Late walk
Our morning walk was late today! We thought that it was 6:30am when it was actually 7:30am. It did not dawn about the time until we saw the sunlight illuminating the beach. The Sun was just rising over the hill south of El Chaco as we began going.

The colors of the surf are very different after sunrise. Sort of sparkly, don't you think?
Jorge on the beach

9AM - Yesterday's birthday party
Weng invited us to Francisco's birthday balloon rising yestrday at sundown. However, husband Francisco had other ideas. Francisco was born around 7:30pm and wanted his balloon rising to go off at the minute of his birth, 60 years ago.

Bill, Carol and I did not want to be driving on the steep and somewhat perilous road to Hill Top House in the dark. So we chose to view the illuminated balloons from El Chaco. Several balloons were sent up into the night sky. Some balloons remained glowing for several minutes as they wafted out to sea.

Happy Birthday, Francisco!

11AM - Hard news
We received an email from Renter Dave with some very hard to read and distressful news. The growth that Dave had removed from his head recently has proved to be malignant.

Dave had made plans to travel with friends on his return to Aticama. He still has hopes to make this return.

Please pray for Renter Dave. His blog is [here].

Partly cloudy


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters