Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mexico different

9AM - Mexico is different
Yesterday during our trip to Tepic, Bill and Carol and I talked about the differences between the USA and Mexico. Because workers often do not earn much money in Mexico, they cannot afford to buy stuff in quantity. Cigarettes, for example. In Mexico, a smoker can buy only one cigarette and the cost is only 3 pesos [23 cents US].

Buying time for a cell phone is the same. Here in Mexico the minimum amount for recharging a cell phone's time is 20 pesos [$1.55US].

The minimum wage in Mexico is 62.33 pesos per day [$4.80US]. Mexican workers are paid by the day instead of by the hour as in the USA.

11AM - Playa Amor Campground
We have just returned from a run over to Casa MaƱana to pick up our laundry. On the way back to El Chaco, we stopped at Playa Amor Campground so that New Mavicita could capture a pic of all the RVs camping there.

The RV section is more than 50% filled up! I am guessing that tourists from the USA and Canada are beginning to trust Mexico again.
Look at all the RVs at Playa Amor

Mostly cloudy


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters