Tuesday, December 04, 2012


9AM - ShoutBox
ShoutBox is a place to write whatever you want. In ShoutBox you may criticize me, compliment me, make suggestions, rant and rave. As long as you are polite to other ShoutBox posters, what you write here is OK. If you want to go political however, please do that in Tioga-George Forum.

10AM - Accidents
I wrote the 9am post about ShoutBox for my friends who feel inclined to come to my defense when readers post negative stuff about my driving accidents. But since this topic about my accidents continues, perhaps I should state here how I feel about all of that.

I have never been a great driver. During my driving life, I have had lots of accidents. Most of these accidents have not involved another vehicle. Just stuff that I hit, or backed in to. Like fences and overhangs. Yet, I believe that I am a very safe driver.

I am not going to stop driving because I bumped into an overhang or a downspout. With that said, however, if you feel that I am not a safe driver, it's OK by me for you to post into ShoutBox how you feel. 


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters