Monday, December 03, 2012

Sleep aid

10AM - Sleep Aid
After going to bed, I woke up in the early morning hours and could not go back to sleep. So I took a pill called, "Sleep Aid" that contains Doxylamine. Wow! That pill knocked me out! This morning I am still feeling the effects of that pill. Sort of hazy feeling.

That's why this first post is sooooo late!

11AM - Two accidents
Over the past three days I had two small accidents. Both of them were caused when the top edge of MsTioga hit something.

The first accident happened in San Blas.  While pulling away from newly constructed overhang for a small store, the right rear of MsTioga damaged the corrugated roof of the overhang. MsTioga was able to park in front of the store without incident. But when pulling away, the rear swung into the overhang.

The second accident happened inside El Chaco RV Park. It is necessary to first go left in order to make the right hand turn when exiting the RV Park. I drove a bit too far left causing MsTioga to knock off a small brick rain down-spout on the El Chaco office.

I feel very bad about these accidents. However, it is very difficult to avoid them. I am not able to see way up there while driving. Of course we paid for repairing the damage done.

1PM - Casa Mañana
We are at the Casa Mañana hotel in order to drop off our laundry for washing. I decided to eat lunch at the beach-side hotel restaurant. Because of its location, this is a special restaurant (just above the bay). To the south, the land slopes away toward the sea. Today that sloping land is mysteriously misty grey.

I ordered fried shrimp with coconut. As I sat munching the shrimp, the ocean's waves came rolling in. I never take scenes like this one for granted. No! They are great gifts. And I am sooooooo lucky to be enjoying this one.
Ocean view - Casa Mañana Restaurante

Fried shrimp with coconut

Clear sky

Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters