Monday, December 10, 2012


7:30AM - Today's story
Today's story continues with me at the airport waiting for my dad. Also, the beginning of the story of Bird Egg Creek.

Looking for dad [continued]
There was my dad's plane. A two-place Cessna 120. 0-2N marked on the fuselage. Of course my dad was not there with his airplane. He had no idea that I was biking there today. I was an 11 year old kid who had more imagination than reality going around in my head. So, I biked around the airport waiting for my dad to arrive.

I had no idea what time it was and went over to the airfield office looking for a clock. Inside on the wall the clock showed, 11;30am. The man behind the counter asked me, "What are you doing here?" "Waiting for my dad", I told him. Of course this was a lie, but it was a lie that I believed would become true. Otherwise, what was I really doing here? Why had I biked all the way here just to wait by an airplane? There were no answers. The truth was that I did not understand what I was doing, or why.

"Do you have any water here?", I asked the man. "Go down the hall to the bathroom. There's a water fountain next to the men's room." After drinking and using the bathroom, I walked back to where my dad's plane was parked. The wing provided shade. I had left my bike there lying on the ground under the wing. 

I touched the fuselage. It was some kind of plastic cloth. It was smooth, but dusty. The plane was not clean, and needed washing. I thought about washing the plane. If I could wash it, my dad might be proud of me. But there was no way to get water over here, and I had no bucket, no soap, no hose. I sat down on the ground and leaned against the plane's rubber wheel and waited for my dad.

Bird Egg Creek
A couple of miles east of City Terrace the houses ended. Beyond there were only hills and empty fields. Only weeds grew in those fields. By June, the weeds turned from green to brown. My friends and I had pedaled our bikes up there a few times. But we were afraid to go passed the old wood fence.

There were stories about this place. Kids at school talked about it. They said that the Pachuco gangs were out there somewhere. It was said that the Pachucos sometimes stayed near a small stream that flowed at the bottom of a very steep hill. That stream was called Bird Egg Creek. But no kid at my school had ever even seen Bird Egg Creek.
[To be continued]

10AM - Bill and Carol
Today RVers Bill and Carol should be traveling from Mazatlan to El Chaco and staying in the RV campground here.

You may recall from our blog during last winter time that Bill and Carol are famous for traveling in the 1970s from the USA to South America in their RV! [link]

PS: Don't confuse Bill and Carol who are arriving today with John and Carol who have been camping at El Chaco for about a month.



Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters