Tuesday, December 11, 2012


7AM - Tepic
This morning John and Carol and I are going to Tepic for a grocery shopping trip. We will travel in John's truck. The trip should take about 1.5 hours to get to Tepic vs 3 hours when driving MsTioga.

Yesterday evening the five us in the RV park went into San Blas for supper. The five are: John and Carol, Bill and Carol and myself. It's a good time to have all of these people to schmooz around with!

7:30AM - Telling stories
I am having a good time telling this story about "Looking for dad". Writing a little of this story each morning makes me happy. I can tell from the number of declining visits to my website, that some readers are not so happy about this story telling as I am. That's OK with me!

I knew years ago that the day would come when my search for adventure might slow down. You probably knew that too. Well, that day is here.

Looking for dad [continued]
The plane was not clean, and needed washing. I thought about washing the plane. If I could wash it, my dad might be proud of me. But there was no way to get water over here, and I had no bucket, no soap, no hose. I sat down on the ground and leaned against the plane's rubber wheel and waited for my dad.

I must have fallen asleep. Shade under the wing had moved and the suns's heat was warming my left arm and leg. What time was it now? I walked to the office again to find out. 1:30pm. I thought about the bike ride going home. I thought about how hard it would be pushing my bike up Eastern Avenue hill. There were only three pennies in my pocket for peanuts. Was that enough money? Sometimes when I got real hungry, I got weak and shaky. Thinking about the peanuts made me hungry.

I'd been waiting at the airport for over two hours. What made me believe that my dad would come here anyway? I felt stupid. I thought about telling my my mom about coming out here to see my dad. But I knew that I would never tell her. I'd never tell anybody. Because the whole idea of it was stupid. What a jerk I am to do such a thing. Come all the way out here just to wait. Just to see the airplane! I did not want anybody to know about all of this. I felt a lump in my throat that always came before crying.

I got on my bike and pedaled away from my dad's plane and left the airport. There was a gas station on Washington Boulevard that had a peanut machine. I passed that gas station on the way out this morning. As I biked there were hunger pangs in my stomach. I began worrying about food.
[To be continued]

Partly cloudy


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters