Friday, December 28, 2012


7AM - Trip to Tepic
My next door neighbor Bill and myself have had some health issues recently. Bill ate something bad and I took that darned sleeping pill. Neither Bill or I like to be active when we are not feeling well. But yesterday we both felt much better. In fact, we both feel so much better that we have a trip planned to the City of Tepic this morning.

It's really weird how neither of us felt good when we were sick! Do you feel bad when you are sick too? Hmmmmmm?
Jorge before trip to Tepic

8AM - MsTioga's starting battery
MsTioga's starting battery is a Motocraft brand. In the battery case top is a little indicator which glows green when the battery is in good condition. Yesterday MsTioga had some starting problems because the battery was badly discharged! The little green indicator was not glowing green.

For several hours yesterday, we had that battery attached to our charger. This morning the little green indicator was glowing good again! We are sooooooo happy about that!

MsTioga's calendar
Back in 2008 we on the TiogaRV Team were wanting to have a calendar that readers could use to easily go to any date in our blog. Along came Reader Thomas Thibodeau of Nova Scotia who prepared the HTML code for that calendar.

Since that time in 2008, each year in December we have received an email from Thomas with the code for the following year. We are so very thankful to Thomas Thibodeau of Nova Scotia!

PS: If you wish to look at our calendar, please click the "Archives" link located at the top and the bottom of our blog!

3PM - Tepic trip pics
As we drove the highway to Tepic we came to a town where ladies sold gorgeous cut fruit.
Doesn't this fruit look good to eat?

Sugar is a big money crop in Mexico. All of the sugar grown within hundreds of kilometers of the City of Tepic is trucked to the giant sugar mill located in the center of town. These trucks are loaded to the max!
Overloaded sugar cane truck on way to mill in Tepic
[Toll road to Tepic]

Partly cloudy


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters