Saturday, December 01, 2012


9AM - Wedding at El Chaco
Today there is a big wedding celebration at El Chaco. The restaurant is all fixed up with white table cloths and pretty flowers. This means that MacBook Computer and I cannot use the restaurant table where we always go for an internet connection.

This morning SeƱorita Tioga is in the parking area close to the restaurant. From this parking place we are close enough to El Chaco's WiFi transmitter to get on the internet while sitting inside Tioga.
Tioga parked near El Chaco's WiFi

10AM - Refills
MsTioga has two things that need refilling from time-to-time. One thing is the propane tank. The other is our purified water 5-gallon bottles.

Each week a truck comes to El Chaco to refill their propane and purified water. And when that happens, we are able to do our own refills. Very convenient, especially for propane. The closest propane station is in the City of Tepic.

9PM - Wedding over
I made a 10 peso bet with Carol that the wedding would be over before 7pm. I lost. Everybody at the wedding went home and the music stopped at 7:30pm. It was a subdued wedding compared to most weddings I've observed in Mexico.

I ate supper over at John and Carol's place. They bought chicken cordon-bleu at a little shop in San Blas that sells all sorts of "ready-to-cook" dishes. Pretty good!

It's 9pm now. MsTioga drove up to El Chaco's restaurant so that I could go online. Same as I did this morning.


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters