Tuesday, December 18, 2012


9AM - Our friend Weng
We are expecting our friend Weng to arrive very soon. Maybe even today! If you have been following Weng's blog, you may know that it is a big financial challenge for her family to make the journey from Portland, Oregon to Aticama. And a further challenge to remain here for several weeks or months.

9:30AM - Flyboy Chip
Late yesterday afternoon, Flyboy Chip arrived at Paraiso Escondido which is next door to El Chaco where we are camping. This morning we went to go over to visit with Flyboy Chip and found that he had already pulled out and headed south. Wow! Bummer!

1PM - Tropical Tuesday
A very nice lady by the name of Rosa lives in Aticama. Rosa publishes an emailed weekly newsletter she calls, "Tidbits". Each week in "Tidbits" Rosa announces this week's Tropical Tuesday which is a restaurant at which all of the local Gringos gather to eat and have a good time.

This week Tropical Tuesday is being held at our own El Chaco Restaurante. I am having fried shrimp!
Jorge walking to Tropical Tuesday lunch

Clear blue sky


Location: El Chaco RV Park
Elevation: 15 meters